Sunday, April 05, 2009

You Will Be Robed

One predictable result of the Latvian economic crisis has been a rise in the crime rate, blamed on the cost of winter heating bills. Needless to say, tourists are not immune from petty thieves and pickpockets. In a Riga hostel I came across a sign that listed eleven bars for visitors to avoid, ending with the words "DO NOT GO THERE. YOU WILL BE ROBED".

Sounds dangerous, whatever it is.


Bryan said...

That reminds me of the Father Ted episode when Dougal was confronted with a big red button with the words DO NOT PRESS on it. I’d find the temptation to visit those bars overwhelming.

Michael said...

In that case, if you ever find yourself in Riga any one of Mary's, Lords Pub, Roxy Club, Foxy Lounge, Pink Panther, DD Bars, Puzzle, Saxon, Doll House or Bar Fly should do the trick.

Don't forget your credit card!