Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Morning After

We didn't win because for all our huff-and-puff we had nobody capable of creating chances. Viduka's legs have gone, Martins and Gutierrez run around but don't actually do anything, Duff has lost his pace, skill and crossing ability (but still looks quite good compared to Geremi), and Butt, Guthrie, Barton, Smith and Nolan are different names for the same player, each slightly worse than the one before. The only positive thought I had at full-time was that we'll soon be spared paying Michael Owen's wages. "He only needs one chance," commentators say. Well, he got it - and he was no David Kelly.

The game in Twitter updates:

Are they sure that bloke's an opera singer? Looks like someone they dragged out of The Blackie Boy.

Decent start from what I can see. Not that that's very much between static and splutters.

Admittedly I've missed quite a bit of this match, but is Michael Owen actually on the pitch? I've heard his name twice.

Our best effort so far from Duff. Make that our only effort so far.

We could be playing Di Stefano, Gerd Muller and Thierry Henry up front here and still not score. What we need is a bit of invention.

Pass, Martins. Pass!

Face it, we're down.


Bryan said...

At one stage I honestly thought I’d missed Owen being taken off.

Michael said...

If only...
On current form he's in the team on reputation alone. And even that's going fast.

damo said...

It all goes something like this.


I'm getting quite used to the idea of playing in the championship next season.

TeeTotallyNot said...

and the season after...
let's face it, FatMan is gonna try and make as much money as he can by selling what few assets we have left...
part of me hopes that 'pool stuff us 10-0 on Sunday, to take care of the goal difference.. which is the only thing that still gives me hope (I know, delusion... ) At least then it'd be over. I need closure. And a loooooooong summer break.

Anonymous said...

£1 million upfront, £1 million on survival.

Not bad for a man who didnt want his team to go down.

Michael said...

Mate, if Ashley offered me two million quid to manage this mob, I'd take it too. I wouldn't care any less about the club.