Monday, April 20, 2009

Signs of Spring

Czechs used to call April the month of dog shit because of what was left behind when the snow all melted. I'll remember spring in Latvia as a time of daylight at nine in the evening, weeks without rain, and people weeding flowerbeds instead of scraping snow. The ice rink in the train station square has been replaced by outdoor seating for an Italian restaurant, and at the nearby crossing a busker has started playing the Amelie theme on an accordian, though the novelty value of that one soon wears off.

Now that I can't blame my laziness on the weather, this morning I also went out for my first run since November, a short fifteen-minute jog along the banks of the Daugava to the Old Town and back that was slightly easier than I expected it to be.


Myeral said...

White shit solution?

Michael said...

Actually I did see some white dog shit just the other day. Sign of poor street cleaning.