Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two Down, Six to Go

In the end I didn't make it back to see the game: as the match kicked-off I was leaving Kaunas, we were just about to drive across the unmanned border when Carroll's header looped under the bar, and the World Service signal remained as elusive as a Gutierrez goal all the way back to Riga. My first reaction on seeing the score was relief, but a point doesn't do any more than keep us in touch with Sunderland. Six games left - and we still need to win at least half of them.


Karen Toon said...

On reflection I'd guess that a point was just about enough from the game... Watching the game was torture and at the end I felt more relief than anything. By my reckoning we need something similar results-wise against Spurs next weekend... Hummm

Michael said...

I can't see the mackems losing to Hull. With us playing on Sunday, we could be four or five points off safety at kick-off.
We need to win those three home games and hope somebody else falls apart.