Thursday, May 27, 2010

The World Cup of Beer

After Russia and Ukraine managed to get themselves knocked-out by the respective might of, erm, Slovenia and Greece, local interest in the World Cup is pretty much limited to "Let's go to the pub, get pissed and watch some better teams play." And England too, if they're on.

Unless you're talented enough to actually play the game, it's hard to imagine people kicking a ball around without the involvement of alcohol. And lots of it. "No beer, no football," as one Ukrainian TV ad says, though having tasted that particular foul tasting brew* - only the once, granted - I was happy to find that when it comes to mixing a piss-up with a game of football you can still trust the English to do things properly.

* Chernigivske Light, if you were wondering. The brewery's website describes it as having a "Light straw color, transparent, no sediment and secondary inclusion; forms dense scum." Well, you'd have to be to drink it more than once.

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