Friday, May 07, 2010

Election 2010: The Morning After

I woke up to the likelihood of a minority Tory government. Luckily, I live in Ukraine.

First the good news. Griffin loses while Caroline Lucas wins, becoming the first ever Green MP. Tyneside's still a Tory-free zone (and if the Conservatives are going to start talking about a majority for their party in England, let them be very sure of which part of England they're referring to). Nationally, Cameron's still some way short of forming a majority.

Labour and Gordon Brown, two million votes and sixty-odd seats behind the Conservatives, are the losers of this election but the Tories, such tubthumpers for the principle of winner takes all, have clearly failed to win. On a projected turnout of 65%, their ten million votes lag four million behind the combined totals of Labour and the Lib Dems (in England alone, the total's nine million against eleven and a half). They have no mandate in Scotland, Wales or most of northern England. Where does that leave Cameron and his "right to govern"?

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