Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Know Your Enemy

'A Squalid Day for Democracy,' shrieked the Daily Mail. 'Brown quits but cynically bids to keep Labour in power by guaranteeing two-faced Clegg voting reform'. The Express was slightly more reasoned: 'This Shabby Stitch-up: Labour cling to power in sordid deal with Clegg'. Adam Boulton made a complete arse of himself on Fox News UK while Tory bloggers went into meltdown, drawing hysterical comparisons between Britain, Iran and Zimbabwe.

They'll all change their tune tomorrow, no doubt. Clegg will be a man of integrity, our political system once again the envy of the world, and Sky News the perfect counterweight to the biased BBC. Vote Liberal Democrat, get a Tory government - so that's what Clegg meant by a new kind of politics.


Andy said...

"Eer a divvent naa, he'll be better than that Tony Brown" - South Shields man on David Miliband possibly becoming the new labour leader.

Charlie Brown would be a better option than what we've got now.

Michael said...

That would be the brown stuff. And lots of it.

TeeTotallyNot said...

this made me laugh.. but then, I'm German :D