Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Things Students Say

"Here are two pictures showing parents and children," I began. "Compare and contrast them, and say how you think the people are feeling about each other." "The first big difference," said my FCE student,"is that the top picture shows white people and in the bottom one we can see nigg.." He saw me grimace, and stopped for a second. "This one has African-Americans, or some kind of black people."


Myeral said...

Funny. I just started Great Apes:

Andy said...

Haha - reminds me of something that happened in Hamburg. I was telling the 'Darren' story from the BBQ and who happens to join us as I announce what the girl had said? Nigel's new girlfriend!

Michael said...

Luckily it was only a practice exam. I once had a Polish student in Britain whose mobile went off in the middle of a speaking exam. He turned to the middle-aged female examiner apologetically: "Sorry, I've just bought this fucking thing and it's fucked already."

He passed.