Wednesday, March 04, 2009

TV for Grown-ups

David Mitchell, JK Rowling, David Peace, Wilfred Owen, Nick Hornby and James Joyce: just some of the writers who started out teaching English. Clearly, it's always been a profession that attracts the more cerebreally minded.

Peace is one man you'll hear a lot about this month. Not only does The Damned Utd finally get a cinema release (the trailer might not look too promising but the book, a re-imagining of Brian Clough's ill-starred 44 days in charge of Leeds, is absolutely brilliant), tomorrow also sees the start of Channel 4's Red Riding, a three part adaption of his West Yorkshire quartet starring Sean Bean, David Morrissey and the always great Paddy Considine.

Knowing Peace, it'll be darker than Myra Hindley trying out for Britain's Got Talent in the middle of a power cut.


Karen Toon said...

Could agree more about Dammed United is a fantatic novel. I found myself believing Clough was like that... I bet the film is poor though...

Looking forward to Red Riding

Michael said...

It'll seem like a cheerful diversion after tonight's result.

Myeral said...

Got a rave review from my favourite TV critic Ally Ross in the Currant Bun this morning, so will have to watch.

I would recommend 'Provided You Don't Kiss Me' by Duncan Hamilton if anyone hasn't read it. Great Clough book.