Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kinnear Is Not The Answer

Writing this won't do much to change Joe Kinnear's opinion of Simon Bird, but he's right about what needs to happen at St James' Park:

Newcastle need a strong young boss, in it for the long haul, who can unite the city, and be given five years to build. Contrary to the perception, Geordies are patient. They keep going despite 40 years without a trophy, remember.

We keep going because no matter how bad things get there's always been the hope of better things around the corner. Not now. Another year of Calderwood, Kinnear and Hughton and that patience might finally snap.


Garry Nixon said...

We DO need a young-ish manager, in it for the long haul (at least 5 years). I have a feeling that the current ownership see that. At least I hope they do. And buying in youngish players could be the start of a five year plan. A youth policy for the real long term.

Or something.

TeeTotallyNot said...

In a way it might be a good thing that we'll most likely have to start from scratch next season..
I just can't see the current regime understanding it and acting accordingly. If we stick with Kinnear, and C&C we'll be in the Championship for longer than I'm prepared to accept.

Michael said...

The problem with starting from scratch is that you don't always end up going forwards.
I keep thinking that the current ownership can't be this stupid, that they must have a long-term plan. Then I hear they've offered Kinnear a two-year contract.

damo said...

It needs to be Young Martinez of Swansea - he's got them playing good passing football and attractive to the eye.
it'll never happen though.

Michael said...

Shame Jimenez isn't still around. He'd get the job on nationality alone.

this too will pass said...

I agree, he's not, but is Shearer who has just ben appointed this evening 31 March? or is it an April Fool?