Tuesday, March 10, 2009

June Might Be A Good Time To Leave

If Prime Minister-designate Valdis Dombrovskis is right that's when Latvia will go bust unless he can re-negotiate the terms of the bailout package his predecessor agreed with the IMF. The problems wouldn't end there. "In the Baltic region there is a fear of a domino effect. If one country would go, then probably the whole region will go," he continued, making the kind of error with conditionals that would make my teenage students blush. At 37 Dombrovskis, an ex-MEP and chief economist at the Bank of Latvia, is the youngest leader in Europe. "He has a baby face," one of my classes told me. "Yes, and a baby's brain too."


Garry Nixon said...

It might indeed be a good time to leave Latvia. But I wonder if things will be all that much better here?

And did you hear this: Latvian is the language closest in form to proto-indo-european. Or is it Lithuanian?

Michael said...

I doubt they'll be a great deal better anywhere.
I think it is Latvian you mean. That and Lithuanian are the only surviving Baltic languages in any case.