Thursday, March 19, 2009

Relegation is the Issue

If points were awarded for idle talk and not for what happens on the pitch Newcastle would be twenty clear at the top by now. "It's time to take risks," says Stephen Taylor, "to stand up and be men". "We're focused on what needs to be done," thinks Michael Owen. "We have to be positive," claims Alan Smith.

But the reality is this: barring a minor miracle we'll be in the bottom three when we travel to Stoke in just over three weeks' time. Words are cheap, it's performances that matter. It's time what one newspaper called "the worst Newcastle team in a generation" started to earn their pay.

Starting with Arsenal.

1 comment:

TeeTotallyNot said...

for weeks, if not months, all that empty talk has been annoying me almost more than the (non)performances.. if ever any action had followed.. or embarrassed silence followed the on-pitch shambolics..
it'll take more than a minor miracle, and it won't start with Arsenal.
Have a nice negative weekend :)