Thursday, March 05, 2009

Race for the Drop

Stoke win, Blackburn draw, we lose. Again.
Assuming West Brom are gonners, as I think we safely can, that leaves any two from Fulham down to join them. There are ten games to play and we're still a long way off the forty-point benchmark: if Blackburn pick up anything from their game in hand, only goal difference will separate us and the bottom three come kick-off against Hull.

Will Allardyce fail to live up to his own astonishingly high opinion of himself? Will Middlesbrough play every game like they did last night? Will Portsmouth plummet or Stoke implode?

Let's hope so.


Myeral said...

For a brief moment there, I thought you were going to stuff the Rags (if you'll pardon the rather crass expression) but it's looking pretty forlorn now, I have to say.

Oh, and Allardyce really is the limit, isn't he?

Michael said...

If we don't beat Hull it'll be looking more than forlorn.
Good result for you last night.

Myeral said...

All just playing into the hands of the mad bastard fae Govan.

Said it before, and I'll say it again, I hope you stay up, even despite Ashley, Llambias and Wise.

TeeTotallyNot said...

My word of choice these days when talking about our prospects starts with 'f' but doesn't end in 'orlorn'.

Every time (and there were few enough this season) we show a bit of fight and moderate skill like we did Wednesday, I'm getting sick of hearing the question (and asking it myself) "Why can't we play like that against the likes of Bolton, Hull, West Ham, Makems.......?"
Afraid the other "Kellerkinder" won't be doing us enough favours and we will have to rely on ourselves.
Scary thought, that.