Friday, March 20, 2009

Moving On

On Wednesday I had my end-of-year performance review, a slightly strange experience after just eleven weeks of employment. "Of course, we'd love you to stay," the Director of Studies told me. "We can put together something for next year. Would you be interested in becoming a senior teacher?"

I told him I'd think it over, but in reality my mind is made up. For me, five months is long enough.


Myeral said...

What? With the glowing and rapturous pieces you have written so far? Can't believe you want to move on from the place.

Michael said...

They are supposed to be glowing and rapturous. Just come out a bit wrong, that's all ;)

The cost of flights home almost persuaded me to stick around. £400 for a single to Newcastle! Instead I'm getting the ferry to Stockholm and then flying via Heathrow.