Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Learning Latviski

Even for a language with fewer than two million native speakers, I'm surprised how little there is in the way of online help for people wanting to learn Latvian. There's the BBC, which has a nice photo (I live on the left of the river, just before the bridge) but stops right before you learn how to order a beer, and the slightly better, does-exactly-what-it-says-on-the-tin Learning Latvian Online. Mostly though, I'm having to make do and mend with a Survival Latvian phrasebook, a smattering of Russian, bits and bobs of English and Czech, and a lot of smiles.


UN.CLE said...

Actually there was flash based site to learn Latvian online, but now I could not find it. Then Latvian studies was financed by government.

Michael said...

Thanks for the thought anyway. Shame the government's cut funding - I would've thought it was a pretty cheap way to promote the country.

UN.CLE said...

They have redesigned it. Clikc on very last link on the bottom. "Sakt kursu" or something. Good way to learn basic phrases etc.

I guess they also have printed books.

Latvian is not a difficult language - my Japanese friend needed just one year to manage at very good converstational level.

Good luck with your adventure.