Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Going Nowhere

Although we've somehow reached the dizzy heights of eleventh in the league, I can't remember a more depressing time to be a fan of Newcastle United. We're five points off rock bottom with no new signings to show for two weeks of the transfer window, and have Wise off scouting for more Iberian prospects (as if throwing away the best part of six million on Xisco wasn't enough for one season).

Worse still, for the forseeable future we're stuck with Mike Ashley and his sports shop business plan. Surrounded by cronies and trying to bargain down survival to the cheapest possible price, you wouldn't put it past him to slap 80% off stickers on substitutes during televised games or offer our few decent players to Man City on a two for the price of one deal, with a Lonsdale t-shirt thrown in for free.


Bryan said...

“I can’t remember a more depressing time to be a fan of Newcastle United.”
My initial reaction to that statement was ‘I can.’ Being beaten 4-0 on a freezing cold New Years day at Southend was a particularly low point. Losing to the Makems in the play-offs felt like dying and going to hell.
But on reflection you are probably right. No matter how bad it has been in the past I always had hope and could always see a brighter future. Kinnear will save us from relegation in the short term, but we are on a long term decline under Ashley and Wise. St James’ park will seem awfully empty with gates of 15,000.

TeeTotallyNot said...

unfortunately we're just frozen in 11th due to last week's cold snap..once the temperatures go up again it's back to the slippery slope... and being the eternal optimist I'd say we get a few mediocre-at-best loanees that'll slip on that slope first chance and make the purchase of a few more tables for the treatment room neccessary...
there's only one direction really, innit?!?

Michael said...

I weighed that sentence up for a while before typing it. The play-offs came to mind; Southend and that god awful '88-'89 relegation year too. But like you say, I always kidded myself there was a brighter future just around the corner.
"There's only one direction" sums things up unfortunately.