Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Football In The Credit Crunch

For now there's still an incredible amount of money sloshing around the Premier League, but you can't help feeling the general trend is towards the shit. Half the league is skint or up for sale, Everton, West Ham and Newcastle are as unwanted as Steve Gerrard's music in a Southport bar, while Manchester United and Liverpool fans will have nothing to smile about when Glazer and Hicks pass on the costs of their next set of loans. And where's the fun in being the world's richest football club when the best it gets you is Scotty Parker's centre circle pirouhettes for £12 million and a hundred grand a week?

While they're in that kind of mood, how about Xisco for six?


Myeral said...

I told you us City fans sympathised with you. It's an act of charity in these cynical times.

Michael said...

If you're feeling really generous, don't stop at Xisco. We'll throw in Ameobi and Cacapa, twenty million the lot, with Mark Viduka's groin for free.