Friday, January 09, 2009

The Big Thaw

When I came to work the streets were melting. Gutters turned into rain clouds, slabs of ice dropped without warning from the newly bare rooftops, and puddles of icy brown water made walking on the pavement as tricky as completing an army assault course.

I remembered something from winter in Liberec. It was never the snow I hated - it was the bits in between.


Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation here in Manchester I had to brave freezing fog just now just to get to the off-licence...makes the slush of Eastern Europe seem quite exotic, even if I did avail myself of 4 cans of premium Polish lager once at my destination...

Michael said...

Admittedly, the beer does go a long way towards making up for the slush.
The Latvian stuff isn't half bad either.