Monday, April 12, 2010

The Things People Say

"A gypsy family moved next door," she said, "so we're trying to be nice to them. Gypsies are very dangerous people." "Why?" I asked, not bothering to try and stifle my laugh. "No, this is true. They can make a hypnosis on you on the street. You look into their eyes and they can take your money. It's happened to many people."

"Anyone you know?" "No, but..."


Eilidh said...

Your blog gives me sooo much de ja vu! Did they start talking about gypsies buying and selling babies to use as begging aids?

Michael said...

No, but it's probably only a matter of time.

Julie Zwart said...

Just like fan death, it's happened to many people I know of, but nobody I know. Hmmmm.

Michael said...

Fan death! I hope you're sleeping with your window open, Julie.
A Korean once told me fan death was caused by electric fans pushing oxygen out of the room.
She was probably studying Physics.