Saturday, April 03, 2010

April Fool's Day in Odessa

It's half-past ten (or early morning for English-language teachers) and floats line up in front of my flat:

The street shows begin. Star guest: that bloke who sang Oh Chihuahua. He sings it. Twice.

The alcohol ban means a great time's had by (almost) all.

Some take advantage of the money making opportunites:

While others just hang around:

Or call home.

The parade finally kicks off with some cat people waving balloons.

And as always, the Hare Krishnas are close behind:

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Eilidh said...

love it! Love the happy people! For some reason or other (a holiday? a papal visit?) Moscow was 'dry' for a few days one time. It meant everyone stocked up before hand and got more wasted than usual