Sunday, April 04, 2010


Odessa takes its Easter traditions seriously. At the football yesterday we washed down our beers with pretzels and paska, an Easter bread that had been specially baked by someone's girlfriend. Almost everyone last night seemed to be carrying a candle in a plastic bottle, except for a foreigner who was walking down the main street mumbling something about "short skirts". This morning I was woken earlier than necessary by the sound of church bells (note to bell ringers: I think I've got the message now, cheers), and the market was closed, which was bad news for anyone hoping to buy a last-minute pussywillow branch.

Some kind of Easter cake or something. Today.

It's even affected our regular afternoon kickaround. "I can't play on Sunday," said one of my students, "because it's sin. But I'll take some beer and be a watcher instead."


Myeral said...

Your man must have had a vision of the Everton West Ham match. It is sin indeed.

Michael said...

It'll be a sin if West Ham stay up.
And a lifetime in purgatory if Liverpool grab fourth.

Eilidh said...

ooh, the picture reminds me- is everything covered in marble effect vinyl? We had marble effect or similar vinyl (usually not matching) on the cupboards, fridge, table etc. And do you have a rug on the wall?

Michael said...

Not where I live, no, but I did have that in Latvia. No rug on the wall either - but I know a man who has.