Friday, April 16, 2010

"That's the end. A 1-1-1 draw."

Listening on the radio, it sounded like Gordon really wanted Nick to agree with him, but Nick didn't sound much like he did. All David wanted to talk about was a "jobs tax" and how a lot of rich blokes did agree, but only with him. But they all agreed that our soldiers were brave, our carers were amazing, our teachers should be free, and our politicians should cost a bit less.

"Cut the cost of politics!" "Fairness for all!" "Moving Britain Forward!" "People come together!" There were so many slogans I imagined the audience was a sea of sullen-faced, bamboo-hatted peasants standing anke-deep in a paddy field, not a retired toxicologist, some wannabe Andy McNab, Adrian Mole and a train driver from Accrington. Accrington? I knew we were in for a cheery night when the first two questions were about uncontrolled immigration and rampant crime.

The only clear winner was Gordon, who claimed a come-from-behind victory in the I've met more people than you have debate: "There are six million carers in Britain. I've met many of them." Cameron and Clegg had mainly met "young men" and their own children, though Call Me Dave cleverly pulled out the black-man-worried-about-immigration-and-he-can't-be-racist-because-he's-black card, tying it in with the military, who are not only brave but also need more helicopters. "Cut waste! More choppers!"

The highlights? Cameron trying to be a smartarse with Nick Clegg ("Will they have border posts on the M62?") and getting batted away, Cameron talking right over Brown's attempt at a joke ("This is not Question Time. It's answer time, David."), the Asda moment when Cameron promised to "Cut the cost of politics," (well, every little helps), and The Sun poll putting Cameron in the lead - they always did have a thing for massive tits, I suppose.

It was all good theatre, if you like that kind of thing, but it doesn't change much, does it?

Vote Green.

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