Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big Ideas

David Cameron bigged-up his Big Vision for a Big Society in big city Nantwich, where ex-big celebrity Gary Barlow helped him launch a big idea called School Stars.

"What exactly is this big idea?" I hear you all ask.

With School Stars we are going to see kids practising together in the corridors, forming bands, getting together in their lunch breaks, all of those things. I hope that by doing the brave things, and getting up on stage, more and more young people are going to be invested with self-belief, the belief that they can be someone, the belief that they can play a part and make a difference in our country.

Yes, this Big Society thing is big. Almost as big, in fact, as the laugh I had reading Armando Ianucci's piss take of it.


Marxist Elf said...


Made me laugh too!!

brian said...

Hmm, sounds almost like the plot to Alan Parker film Fame. Perhaps CallMeDave (TM) has a Big Vision of streets held up by kids holding impromptu sing and dance numbers.

Michael said...

You think he's gonna learn how to fly?