Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's A Family Affair

Mykola Korovitsyn was a politician's driver for four years before he became one of Ukraine's deputy emergencies ministers. His only qualification was his mother, who happens to be deputy chief of the Presidential Administration. Volodymyr Bodelan, who now heads the Odessa emergencies ministry, is the son of the city's ex-mayor Ruslan Bodelan, who fled the country in 2005 charged with abuse of office, and later took up Russian citizenship. Ex-president Viktor Yushchenko's nephew is a high-ranking deputy in the Kharkiv Regional Administration. President Viktor Yanukovych's son has a parliamentary seat of his own, as does the Chief of the Presidential Administration's sister.

In Ukrainian politics it's not what you know, but who your parents do.

The Conways would love it here.

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