Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who's Next?

Whoever it is, they can't do much worse. Apparently, Allardyce got the boot because he insisted on winning ugly. He managed the adjective alright - it was just the verb he struggled with.

But if Shearer really doesn't fancy it, who does that leave? Not Redknapp, please - if he's the answer then the question must be: Name a manager who's never won anything, got a team relegated one season, bailed out with them mid-table in the Championship the next, then would've repeated the same trick again only he got thirty million quid to spend in the January transfer window. (A miracle? Yeah, right.)

I wouldn't mind Mark Hughes or John Collins, especially if we have to have a British manager. It goes without saying, though, the dream choice would be The Special One.


rossinisbird said...

I suppose it's just a coincidence that Kevin Keegan was spotted in Gosforth yesterday (Thursday). And the odds have been slashed to 7-1.

Michael said...

I'd prefer him to Redknapp - at least Keegan wouldn't need a private jet to show up for training sessions.