Sunday, January 06, 2008

Momentum is Everything

Will spoilt rich kid Hillary Clinton's frosty response to defeat in Iowa prove to be her Howard Dean Scream moment? Going into New Hampshire, the sparkle's all with Obama, and John Edwards (the closest this race gets to a left-wing candidate) is suddenly looking like the safe pair of hands if voters start getting cold feet about inexperience (a political euphemism often applied when a candidate is black, female or in any way interesting). The problem with Clinton, who has all the personal touch and charm of a Gorgon, is that she's liked by few and hated by many - a slight handicap when you're going for the popular vote.

My heart says Obama, my head still goes with Edwards or McCain.

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Garry Nixon said...

Obama/Edwards (or vice-versa) is beginning to look as left wing a ticket as they're going to get.