Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Dreamers

Some interesting stuff on Sky Sports this morning. If you believe Ian Ridley, the Mail on Sunday's man with a Northumbrian uncle, Redknapp was offered the job back in mid-October, but turned it down. I still think Newcastle must have been pretty sure they had him lined up before getting rid of Allardyce: did the sudden talk of Shearer wanting the job give him cold feet?

According to the media gossip, Keegan's ready but Shearer's still not convinced, and Ashley's after an experienced man anyway (plus exciting football, which rules out Gerard Houllier for a start). It'd be a romantic appointment, sure - but if it wasn't for romance, most football fans would be wearing Chelsea tops, or paying £40 a game to service Malcolm Glazer's debts.


PETER SHAW said...

Let’s not forget that Shearer “shinned” Bellamy for soiling the clubs name whilst in Dublin. With his belief in the club and Keegan's rediscovery of how football should actually be played, this would be the ultimate dream ticket.

The club needs sorting out as it is rotten to the core. Bellamy, Dyer, Bramble, Boyer, Barton. All players who should be sponsored by “ASBO” PLC.

And now we have Alan Smith – 6 nil down, nothing to play for, yet he manages to get himself sent of in the last minute for foul language. To cap it all, only Taylor went to the away fans to thank them for turning up to be ridiculed, embarrassed and shamed.

This team is the equivalent of a ship load of criminal deportees bound for Australia. Why do they insist on buying thugs and hooligans? Oh yes I forgot, Shepherd used to Chairman. A club in his own image.

So how, after all that, I feel better!

Michael said...

If the players had any shame, they'd have a whip-round and give the fans their money back for yesterday. £40 for 45-minutes of effort? They played the second half like a bunch of schoolkids - I half expected Owen or Viduka to pick up the ball and announce they were going in for their tea.