Monday, March 17, 2008

The Proverbial Six Pointer

Tonight's not a must-win game exactly, more a must not lose or we're in deep deep shit game, a very subtle but important difference. I can't pretend I'm not worried, though - our attacking threat begins and ends with a man now on crutches, the press have Keegan marked out as the next managerial carrion, and even when we were good we usually managed to cock things up royally at St Andrew's.


a Geordie out of Exile said...

we were awful in the first half... much better in the second half, and in with a chance of winning when KK took our best player on the pitch, Martins, off, then brought one of our best players of the season, Nzogbia,on, and left one of the worst, Viduka, on, "it's a funny old game Saint"

Michael said...

It was a strange decision, wasn't it? Even when he starts, Martins gets shunted off to the wing. It often appears the team is picked on egos not talent.