Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro Steps Down

After one Cold War, nine US presidents and countless CIA assination attempts. We may never see his like again.

Predictably, George Bush responded with the usual bland promises to help "the people of Cuba realise the blessings of liberty," which, as any seasoned observer of the US government knows, means sending a squad of Milton Friedman acolytes over to cut off all state subsidies overnight while setting-up a new pro-American econonic elite every bit as oppressive as the old political one. If the US government was really serious about lberty, they'd start by closing Guantanamo Bay and putting an end to the morally indefensible trade embargo - if you're going to blockade countries solely on the grounds of democracy and human rights, get Taco Bell, Apple Inc. and JP Morgan out of Beijing before you start on Havana.

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