Monday, March 29, 2010

Newcastle - Forest: TwitReport

I haven't tried this since Portsmouth at home at the end of last season, but then, as entertaining as this season has been, with no derbies to play (the only thing Middlesbrough have is annoying fans - all 16,000 of them) we've rarely had so much at stake as we do tonight. Win and the right combination of results at the weekend could see us promoted. Lose, and we're looking over our shoulders.

The game in tweets:

Wonder if my Ukrainian neighbours can make out the words to 'We hate Nottingham Forest'? Probably not.

Either this feed's got a bit of a time delay or I've lost seven minutes of my life.

Match tipple number one: Tuborg Green. Only available in Denmark, eastern Europe and the 1980s. First gulp. I can almost see why.

What a chance! Shame Carroll wasn't so reticent about striking when he had Stephen Taylor to aim at.

Carroll and Lovenkrands looking lively for #nufc. Can't see this staying goalless, which means that's exactly how it will end.

The only attack Forest have had in 10 minutes and the picture suddenly freezes...when it comes back a black-and-white shirt is advancing over the halfway line. Phew.

Beer number two: Chernihivske wheat beer. In a one-litre plastic bottle. Classy bloke, me.

"Absolute mayhem" in the penalty area. On my screen too, unfortunately.

As Betfair's gone a bit funny, I'm now listening to an over-exciteable Norwegian describing Andy Carroll's ankle knock.

And there's the Norse for "How the fuck did he miss that?"

#Ameobi started the season like a house on fire. He's ending it like Shola Ameobi.

If we score here, it's coming from Routledge and Lovenkrands.

"It's gone in off the post." I thought Forest had scored until I heard the words 'Shola Ameobi'. The bloke's a genius. I've always said so.

Forest respond by bringing on The Mekon.

"We're Newcastle and we're gonna win the league." Indeed.

Not that I'm tempting fate or anything...

Geeeeeeeeet iiiiiiiiiiin!!!

Game over. Good showing from Forest but we deserved that.

I'll miss the Championship, I really will. But they'll miss us too.

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TeeTotallyNot said...

sounds like a good night in :D