Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why Come To Slaka?

In and out of the Hotel Cosmos, it didn't take us long to see the sights of Moldova's capital: statues and casinos, an Orthodox cathedral, rubble and squash courts where the Republic Stadium had once been, and an Arch of Triumph built to celebrate a Tsar's victory over the Ottomans. A TV station was blasting dance music from the road in front of the Communist Party HQ, but all the lights were off in the fire-damaged Parliament, which looked a bit like "a really shitty Soviet hotel." There were billboards everywhere, but most carried slogans instead of adverts: Moldova: My Homeland, EU Yes, No to Drugs, a huge picture of a woman breaking a cigarette in two, and an even larger one of a peasant holding a blanket welcoming visitors to the city.

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