Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome to the Championship

Let's be honest about it, we were down as soon the moment the final whistle went last weekend. For the third time in my life (and the second in my memory) Newcastle have been relegated. We didn't deserve any better.

I watched the game live in Riga, with sound from Hull, pictures from Villa Park and Latvians in Man Utd tops jumping around when they scored. At the final whistle I felt more relieved than devastated, sad to go down but glad to see the back of the Premier League and the overpaid has-beens who inhabit it.

I'll be there for the first game of next season, even if Michael Owen isn't.


TeeTotallyNot said...

Based on today's (no-)show we'll have our work cut out next season. It came as no surprise, still hurts once it's sunk in, and pick up, dust off, kick out, and kick off (with a wee bit of think!! inatween) are the next steps...
it's not the end, and hopefully a new beginning..
I'll be black & white come August.

Karen Toon said...

I'll be there as well... Yesterdays final whistle was like seeing a well loved pet taking the final trip to the vets... At least its out of its misery now, as are we.

No more than that team deserved.