Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hot Weekend in Riga

My last Saturday in Riga began at the Botanical Gardens, which meant a long, hot, non-signposted walk across the grubby side of the river to see some tree-sized rhododendron bushes and a tropical greenhouse that looked a bit like a dilapidated swimming pool from the outside.

In the afternoon I took a boat trip on the Daugava, the highlight of which was the discovery of a bar on the lower deck with cold bottles of Bauska Beer. Finally, after an afternoon nap, we had an unofficial end-of-year party at the huge Lido opposite the TV tower, drinking litres of Latvian lager in the sun and dancing pissed to the music of a man in a black spangly waistcoat and mullet.

Next Saturday I'll be in Stockholm, Heathrow and Newcastle, and various flight paths in between.

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