Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rod Liddle in Trouble

Seems Newcastle-hating muck-raker and prospective Independent editor Rod Liddle ("as ever, a fairly large number of them still believe that Newcastle will waltz the Championship" - gone a bit quiet on that one, hasn't he?) has admitted writing racist comments on an online football supporters' forum after initially claiming his account must have been hacked (And who of us hasn't used that one, eh?)

Tsk, tsk, who's the deluded fool now, Rod?

Incidentally, like 99.9% of the UK population I haven't bought a single copy of the Independent in years. But if Rod does get the job I hereby pledge never to briefly glance at its front cover in airport branches of WH Smith's ever again and to turn off any TV programme in which Simon Calder - The Man Who Pays His Way appears (but only after I've accidentally heard all the good bits).

See how you like that, Lebdev!

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