Friday, January 15, 2010

Geneva: Afternoon

I wound through the Old Town like a cat chasing string, mixing with lunchtime crowds and Russian tourists. Focus on Life, read one sign. Migration - Is It A Crime? read another. There were tables in the main square outside a tea rooms and gelateria but everyone was shut inside, sheltering from the cold.

Headless snowmen were dotted all about Eaux-Vives Park. From the rise near the exit you could see across the gunmetal lake, pleasure boats laid-up and snowbound all the way along the quay.


Garry Nixon said...

One thing to try is the wine, if you like wine - lots of stuff you never see outside of Switzerland.

Michael said...

I tried it in the English fashion: one bottle of white and six cans of lager.

Did the wine first. It was nice.