Sunday, November 08, 2009

Not Wanted @ St James' Park

Chaos theory in action: In Tokyo, on the last train home from Shinjuku, a girl throws up in a Lowry's Farm bag. In Newcastle, Jonas Gutierrez finally scores a goal.

Despite the prominent reporting on the BBC - "The new name provoked furious protests before, during and after the match" - and elsewhere, friends on the scene were much less positive, with heavy-handed stewarding and no more than four or five hundred gathered at the Milburn steps. No matter. Active protests against Ashley-owned businesses are already being planned.

Watch this space.

UPDATE: Boycott Ashley.


Myeral said...

Reading the Screws today, there was an impression that the fans are not happy, but (and it's a big one) they still keep going to the games.

Symptomatic of the 'industry' these days perhaps, but... top of the league and playing well...

Even Ashley can seem palatable from that vantage point?

Michael said...

That first sentence is about right. We're top of a league that Ashley's cack-handed leadership got us into (and one that we'll be straight back to the season after next without substantial investment in the team). Short-term thinking - like those Manchester United fans who thought the Glazer takeover was a good thing because they won the Champions League.

And we know how happy that lot will be in a couple of years.

TeeTotallyNot said...

still laughing @ your first paragraph. Tt's about the only Toon-related thing though that gets a smile on my face. Despite still being top, and despite Spidey finally getting his goal, and despite the old 3-1 result I'm worried/frustrated/angry/asking myself what it would take in Chaos Theory to get rid or FatMan & Co.
Spidey throwing up? I've had enough of rollercoaster seasons that saw us stay up just so. I'm not looking forward to rollercoaster decades that see us go up and down like a yo-yo.

Myeral said...

Saw an amusing tweet which said that the @St James Park branding thing was the first meatspace phishing attack.

Power to ya. Hope that some good will come of it, for the sake of all our souls.