Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Naming Rights (Again)

"Our intention is to put a package together that would include for instance stadium rights with a jumbo screen included in that sponsorship which is great for the fans as well. Our intention is to have - for instance James’ Park". James' Park? It's bad enough renaming the ground, without making it sound like some kind of cheesy, small town nightclub. You have to be intelligent to make as much money as Ashley has, people used to say.

No, you don't - you just have to have no sense of fucking shame.

UPDATE: Ashley regime @ a new low.

UPDATE II: No sense of shame? Here's your last chance to get a Heritage Stone, just in time for Christmas. Heritage - buy it while it lasts.


Andy said...

I've been waiting for a week (hoping) for one of these supporters' clubs to announce some kind of cohesive demonstration on Saturday - as yet nothing except a petition. No wonder he decided to take that extra step today by changing the name.

Michael said...

Sad, isn't it?
The only thing he cares about is his bank balance. A cohesive demonstration that involves people refusing to give him any more money is the only thing he'll hear.

TeeTotallyNot said...

surely that's a new low but it won't be the last. he always finds ways to humiliate us. I hope we go up, he gets an offer he can't refuse and we get rid of that f@t b@st@rd.