Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday Night, Tachikawa

"You're from Georgia? So's my friend here. He keeps goats." "No shit, man! Me too." He leaned drunkenly across the table, flashing a smile that was nine-tenths metal. "You got any hens? I get double yolkers." His girlfiend pushed closer, her hand against my knee. "I think my boyfriend gay. He say many problems Japanese girl, American man."

That was the kind of bar it was.


Bryan said...

You would never get that kind of shenanigans in the Brunny.

Myeral said...

Blimey! I would have made my excuses and left.

Michael said...

Alan, you've obviously never been to the Bigg Market. There, this qualifies as stage 1 of 2 on a sure fire seduction routine.