Sunday, October 18, 2009

Danger Signals

One point from nine, a single goal in our last three games. As long as we remain second in the league it would be wrong to call it a crisis, but our currect form does show the folly of Ashley's attempts to get promotion on the cheap. Barring a frankly unnatural run of luck with form and injuries, the squad we have now is palpably not up to the job of a 46-game season. We're crying out for pace and creativity in midfield (we haven't had a player who could pass the ball accurately since Emre), for adequate cover in key positions - like the left-back that Keegan asked for fourteen months ago - and for long-term solutions to loan signing sticking plasters. It's not hard to imagine the damage a couple of injuries would do to our defence in January with Simpson and Khizanishvili both gone.

Knowing Ashley, I won't be holding my breath.


Myeral said...

Why didn't you keep N'fuckingZogbia?

Michael said...

He thought he was better than he was. He fell out with the manager.

Only one in a long, long line.

TeeTotallyNot said...

The ice we're skating on is so thin it's a minor miracle the cracks haven't appeared earlier. Just like Kev (mark II) said - if we don’t get the right reaction (tonight), it’s going to be ugly... and a looooong dark season.

Michael said...

With his usual impeccable timing Ashley seems to have offered Hughton a permanent job at the very moment his luck has begun to run out.

Glenn Roeder anyone?