Saturday, October 03, 2009

He's Not The Messiah

But to parahphrase Monty Python, he was working under some very naughty boys. A million quid in wages for "a player who was not expected to play in the first team," public statements that were, by the club's own admission, "simply untrue". "Profoundly unsatisfactory," was the verdict on Newcastle's defence.

Not much change there then.


Bryan said...

The more you hear and read, the more farcical it becomes. This really does fall into the ‘couldn’t make it up’ category.

Michael said...

You mean like being offered an Argentinean international centre-half twice, turning him down, then buying him for double what we could have done before - and finding out he was, as we always suspected, utter crap?

Mike Ashley, the Gerald Ratner of British football.