Monday, June 22, 2009

Michael Owen

His belief in the potential Management capabilities of his long time friend Alan Shearer meant that he would probably have taken up the offer on the table to extend his contract at St James' Park had the Club stayed in the top flight.

All thirty-two pages, glossy, full-colour, laugh out loud funny.


TeeTotallyNot said...

one of my wishes has been granted.
thanx for the link, at least I'll have something to laugh about now.

Myeral said...

Sorry to do this, but to add insult to injury, have you ever seen Tangerine Dream?

Michael said...

It's awful, I know, but it should at least ensure a continued boycott of Newcastle United merchandise until Ashley clears off.

Which could be some time.

damo said...

Have you seen next seasons away kit yet?


TeeTotallyNot said...

I'd rather have us run out naked away from home (with "us" I obviously mean the lads)
that kit is grounds for defection..
Every morning I wake up and wonder what new lows we could plummet to in the next 24 hours. The muppets almost always deliver.

Michael said...

Is there any link between the news that Taylor is suddenly disillusioned at the club and the fact that he was the poor sod who had to model the new strip?

All we need now is for the Mackems to sign Beye.

TeeTotallyNot said...

after all the things TPTB have come up with (or failed to) now the humiliation of having to run out in THAT strip, I'd be disillusioned to say the least. Tayls' smile in the pics looked a tad forced to me ..
I read somewhere that he'd agreed to stay if BIGAL did....

As for Habibi, he might leave (and I wouldn't blame him) but would never join the Makems!