Sunday, June 28, 2009

Letter in the Paper II

Stalin, Malenkov, Krushchev, Brehznev et al must be spinning in their graves with joy when they see how Britain's once fiercely protected democracy has slid effortlessly into the old Soviet way of doing things and, sometimes, even eclipsing it.
The recent expenses revelations showed how very similar to the old Soviet elite this current crop of MPs' way of life had become.

Not that the right-wing are paranoid or anything, designating second gulags being all the rage among opposition MPs. And when they weren't overseeing forced deportations, catastrophic grain shortages or having people drive icepicks into the necks of political opponents, the masters of the Kremlin apparently liked nothing better than to splash out on big TVs and unusual garden accessories.


Bryan said...

Tyranny and extermination by starvation, OR fiddling a plasma telly on expenses?
That must be a tough moral dilemma for your average daily express reader.

Michael said...

For us all, I would've thought.
There's not much between duck islands and the starvation of thirty million Ukrainian peasants.

TeeTotallyNot said...

both democracy and communism are a really great idea. on paper.