Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Fixture List

It wasn't until this morning that I realised what we'd lost. While Sunderland open with a game-of-the-day at Bolton Wanderers, we face the long, unfamiliar trudge to West Bromwich Albion. They play Blackburn, we play Palace. They get to visit Stoke, we get Leicester at home. Hack out eight defeats and several extortionately priced away ends and the only gulf between the two divisions is on the balance sheet.
Unfortunately, between a holiday in Croatia and a job in Japan I won't get to see as much of this as I'd hoped. Leicester at home, definitely. Plymouth too. Maybe even Cardiff away.

What little remaining interest I have in the Premier League rests with the Mackems and Manchester City. "I hope they break into the top four," a Sunderland fan said at the weekend. "Yeah, watch Liverpool go bankrupt," agreed his Newcastle-supporting mate. There isn't much that Newcastle and Sunderland fans ever agree on, but watching the Big Four squeal is a universal pleasure these days.


Lendal said...

more importantly watford on 5th dec!!!

Bryan said...

Ah memories, Cardiff away. The threat of snow in the air on a Wednesday night, hypothermia on a wind swept terrace, narrowly avoiding getting my head kicked in while leaving the ground.

Kids just don’t know what they’re missing these days.

Michael said...

The glory years?

Myeral said...

It will be my new season's resolution to get to some of your games in the London area.

I, er, wouldn't hold your breath on City by the way. Not even if you're a pearl diver.

Michael said...

Don't worry, I'm not. We'll both finish eighth. Or something.
It's a funny state of affairs when the people's champion is a club that offered half the national debt for a Brazilian footballer. Still hope you do it though.