Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Passing Through

All things considered, there's very little I miss about living in England: real ale, fish and chips with batter and curry sauce on the side, the occasional game of football, being able to actually feel a newspaper while you read it, and having the time and space to grow stuff in a garden. It's not that I dislike being here but home feels more and more like a place to pass through - I'm no sooner back than I'm ready to leave.

Three things I don't miss: the winner of a celebrity ballroom dancing contest making breaking news on the BBC, friends whose lives revolve around video games and getting smashed in the pub, the impossibility of cheap train travel unless you book three months in advance and trust it doesn't piss down in the place you want to visit.

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Anda said...

ESL teaching is fun.
isn't it? :)

Good luck!