Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home Newcastle

The sun was already setting as we flew across the capital. From the air the Thames looked like it had been coloured with a blunt pencil, the city grey and cold. We landed on time. I had four and a half hours to wait for the flight to Newcastle.

Fortunately, my next job entails a slightly shorter journey time.


Garry Nixon said...

What's the attraction of Riga, then?

Michael said...

I've never been there before, it's close to a lot of other places I've never been before, and I like women with high cheekbones.

Garry Nixon said...

That's a very good explanation.

I quite fancy visiting the Baltic myself, but not just at the moment.

Good luck! Curiosity will have me follow the blog more closely this term.

TeeTotallyNot said...

It's a charming northern city with some of the most friendly, hospitable people you could meet, an incredibly beautiful historic centre, cultural and artistic riches and the beer is cheep..
I seem to remember tho that it tends to get rather nippy in January and February..