Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Suntory Beer Tour

With some difficulty I managed to rouse myself from bed early enough on Saturday to do the hour long tour of Suntory's Musashino Brewery. It was an unsurprisingly surreal experience, conducted entirely in Japanese by a woman in a Butlin's jacket with a megaphone round her neck. The building was more like a nuclear power station than a place to brew beer, only marginally less interesting.

Much to my (continued) disappointment, the tour ended with a packet of salted rice crackers and three halves of lager (soft drinks if you come by bike!) rather than an unlimited supply of free beer. Even worse, we spent so long complaining I'd only just downed my second when we were kicked out.

Other than that, it was great.


Bryan said...

I’m not trying to make you homesick but I had three perfect pints in the Maltings last night.

Michael said...

Man, the beer's always perfect in the Maltings. And quiz night too! What I'd give for a pint of Rivetcatcher (or even Jarrow Bitter).