Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mugabe Hanging On

Three days after his landslide defeat, country-knacking megalomaniac Robert Mugabe remains neck-and-neck with Morgan Tsvangirai in the official count (one for you, one for me: how wonderfully democratic!).

George Bush calls Mugabe a "discredited dictator". His spokesman thinks "delaying the announcement only raises more questions about what the results were".

Now, where's those hanging chads?


damo said...

The chances of Mugabe not unleashing a bloodbath are very small right now - you'd think that somebody would have the balls to tell him that it might be time to retire (that said, that person would then probably be killed, or at least imprisoned).
I think they'll go for the presidential runoff election as Tsvangiri (spelled wrong???) isn't going to go anywhere near a police or army base. Then the military will ask him to meet them and either proclaim him president or kill him.

a Geordie out of Exile said...

far from a landslide defeat, poor Zimbabweans! Much now depends upon the military, the police and the 'war veterans' and how far they will go to keep Mugabe in power; I suspect he will employ an exit strategy to enjoy his remaining years in his mansion, with his millions, in South Africa. PS loved the Toon clip against Luton

Michael said...

I imagine things could yet be taken out of Mugabe's hands. It all depends whether his cronies think they'll lose more by sticking it out to the bitter end or by jumping ship.

Whatever happens, I'm sure Mugabe has quite a pension plan in place...