Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday Night Football

“It’s been a masterful second-half performance,” said the commentator as Giggs stroked home the third. “Why did you bring Ameobi on?” asked the Palace supporter. “He’s shit.” “How did he ever become a footballer?” wondered the Man Utd one. “Just because he’s big,” said the Forest fan at the table behind. Only the man who said he supported Spurs stayed quiet. I looked at the onscreen clock, willing away the minutes, happy by now to take three-nil. “It wasn’t so long ago that Newcastle were United’s main challengers for the title,” added the commentator. What a long, long way it was we fell.


Garry Nixon said...

I find the narrative of the Sky commentators thoroughly objectionable. For example, the way they shout "Rooney!" as soon as the baldy wee twat looks at the ball. He might make a comeback, but just now he'd make a canny Championship striker.

And the implication is that Man U are a great side, on the road to glory, whereas Newcastle are their to make up the numbers. In fact, we're much more financially stable than they. And none of our players have the taint of S Africa to deal with.

Overall, it wasn't bad. Obviously we're going to struggle against Chelsea and Man U, away from home. Everyone else is ripe for a drubbing, in my opinion. On this evidence, (and of course, it's early days) we can look forward to plenty of entertainment, and a nice safe mid-table finish.

And unlike Man U, we're not getting anally raped by a family of American freaks.

Garry Nixon said...

Or something.

Michael said...

Yep. Every single penny Man Utd fans spend goes towards the Glazers owning their football team.
On the evidence of last night, their green and gold protest has died a death. Scholes and Giggs are going to need replacing, Rooney can't carry them on his own, and there'll be no big cash for Ferguson while the Glazer's are busy refinancing their debt.
I think we'll pick something up against Villa.