Monday, February 23, 2009

The English Abroad

Ryanair's stag night specials haven't yet completely succeeded in destroying the reputation of the English in Riga. "People in England are very open, more open than Latvians," my students thought. "They have fast lives but they respect rules." "Yes, they're very kind to pedestrians." This positive opinion is, however, by no means universal. "You're English?" roared a drunk in the pub on Saturday night. "Are you here to drink too much beer and fuck our women?"
"Not exactly," I replied.


damo said...

Suppose it beats just being attacked in a bar for being British.

Michael said...

True, though his repeated use of the phrase "I'll kill you. Only joking" did lead me to believe that might be on the cards.
I was primed to deliver a Jarrow Kiss. Then run.

Bryan said...

Sounds like quite a tempting offer to me :)