Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Morning Heaven

I woke up late to the sun shining on mountains, had a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich (Japanese rashers, the shape and thickness of a bookmark) while I read slowly through the last ten pages of The Great Railway Bazaar, then looked up last night's score on the BBC. Chelsea 0 Newcastle 0. In these times, it's as good as a victory.


this too will pass said...

the 0-0 was a dogged display; having watched it on MOTD though I don't believe it was all down to superb defending; however, having said that it was a great result.

damo said...

well, it beat going to Twickenham to watch England get hammered (£90 down the drain).

Halfway throught he rugby I was actually wishing I was at Stamford Bridge, restricted views and all.

good result - Coloccini looked awesome of MOTD